Summer Enrichment Program Wish List

Help create a memorable, meaningful and extraordinary summer for students in the Summer Enrichment Program at the Pigeon Community Multicultural Development Center. Arrange to donate an item on one of the program wish lists below or make a financial donation by calling the center at 828-452-7232 or sending an email to [email protected].

First, thank you for taking the time to look over our list of needs. Our Summer Enrichment Program is the largest program operated at PCMDC. Every year since its beginning, we have seen its growth through the improvement of our programs and increased enrollment.

The following is a list of our needs for the PCMDC. The list is categorized by age, and there are some items on the list that will overlap and/or be repeated. These items will be used in multiple classrooms and are capable of spanning multiple age groups. Outdoor activities will include items for all ages. Thank you again for your time!

Primary Classroom (ages 5-7) Approx. 25 Kids
Large Primary Pencils with Erasers Chutes & Ladders
Multi-ethnic and multi-gendered dolls Connect Four
Doll Clothes (large dolls) Checkers
Puzzles (Ages 5-7) Operation
Other Age Appropriate Games and Toys Monopoly Jr.

Note: Games Must be complete with instruction

Youth Classroom (Ages 8-10) Approx. 25 Children
Doll Clothes Yahtzee Jr.
Age Appropriate Toys Uno
Batteries (AA, AAA, C, D) Clue
Puzzles (age 8-10 appropriate) Battleship
Scrabble Jr. Mancala
Connect Four Life
Jenga Other age appropriate games

Note: Games Must be complete with instruction

Senior and Young Adult Classes (Ages 11-18) Approx. 35 Kids
Batteries (AA, AAA, C, D) Mad Gab
Laminator (and laminating sheets) Yahtzee
Cricut® Machine 12” accessories Chinese Checkers
Life Jenga
Risk Bananagrams
Battleship Canasta
Mancala Building Sets (e.g. Erector)
Other age appropriate games

Note: Games Must be complete with instruction

All Classes (approx. 75 kids)
Assorted brushes and sponges Foam Board
Thin/Fine Line, Washable Markers Fishing line
Colored pencils Ziplock Bags (assorted sizes)
Aluminum foil Brooms
Wax paper Commercial Mop heads
Cellophane/Plastic Wrap Empty spray Bottles
Liquid Food coloring Clothes pins
Baking soda Book ends (several sets)
Peroxide Band-Aids (assorted sizes)
Cream of Tarter Borax
Tape (masking, painters, all-purpose clear, Duct – various colors)
Art Paper (White Art paper (9”x12”, 12”x18”, & 18”x24”), construction paper (9”x12” & 12”x18”), banner paper, assorted colors of card stock paper)
Outdoor & Playground Equipment
Picnic Tables Garden Shed with lock
Organization Unit (see Tausha or Lin details) Watering Cans
Life Jackets Gardening gloves adult & child size
Shade (large metal or wooden carport type structure)
Mud Kitchen Tools (old pots and pans, old large steel serving spoons and spatulas, old Tupperware bowls)
Hula Hoop Material (tubing/piping, multiple colors of duct tape, connecters; see Tausha details)
Playground structures (crawl tube, monkey bars, slide)